Book: Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

Book: Beat Sugar Addiction Now

Cutting-edge program that cures your type of sugar addiction and puts you back on the road to weight control and good health.

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Beat Sugar Addiction Now!
Book: Beat Sugar Addiction Now!
Cutting-edge program that cures your type of sugar addiction and puts you back on the road to weight control and good health.

Product Information

Book: Beat Sugar Addiction NOW!
Fair Winds Press (Released March 2010)
by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.

The Cutting-Edge Program That Cures Your Type of Sugar Addiction and Puts You Back on the Road to Weight Control and Good Health

Are you a sugar addict?

In the United States, with approximately 18% of the average American diet coming from added sugar, this is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Many people eat their weight in sugar every year. And it may be why you are tired, achy, brain fogged, anxious and unable to lose weight.

As most people have found, simply trying to cut out sugar usually does not work very well.

In addition, who wants to cut out things that give you pleasure? Put simply, if you live a long life because you’ve cut out everything you enjoy, why bother?

Finally, there’s a simple solution to sugar addiction!

Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! will teach you about the four main types of sugar addiction. In each type, there are different forces driving the addiction. By treating the underlying causes that are active in your type of addiction, you will find that not only do your sugar cravings go away, but you also feel dramatically better overall.

Here’s more good news. Once you have broken your sugar addiction, your body will usually be able to handle sugar in moderation. This means saving sugar for dessert or snacks where it belongs, and going for quality, not quantity. Dark chocolate is especially okay. Natural sweeteners like Stevia are also a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you need to use the right brands.

The 4 Sugar Addiction Types

To beat sugar addiction, first you’ll need to figure out which type of sugar addict you are. Simple quizzes in the book will quickly let you know. Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! then offers clear and simple directions on what to do. This includes natural therapies, simple lifestyle changes, as well as directions for your inner journey — a journey that will heal not only your body but also your mind and spirit. A journey that will change your life!

Here are the four key types of sugar addiction:

Type 1: Hooked on “Energy Loan Shark” Drinks

Chronically exhausted and hooked on caffeine and sugar

When daily fatigue causes sugar (and caffeine) cravings, sometimes all you need is to improve nutrition, sleep and exercise. When your energy increases, you won’t need sugar and caffeine for an energy boost. Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! will teach you how to turbo charge your energy in an easy and healthy way.

Type 2: Feed Me Now or I’ll Kill You

When life’s stress has exhausted your adrenal glands

For those of you who get irritable when you’re hungry and crash under stress, it is important to treat your adrenal exhaustion.

Type 3: The Happy Twinkie Hunter

Sugar cravings caused by yeast/candida overgrowth

For those of you with chronic nasal congestion, sinusitis, spastic colon, or irritable bowel syndrome, treating yeast overgrowth is critical.

Type 4: Depressed and Craving Carbs

Sugar cravings caused by your period, menopause or andropause

Standard blood testing for hormonal deficiencies will not reveal the problems until they are very severe, sometimes leaving people deficient for decades.

To make it easy, Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! is also a simple workbook, so that when you’re done reading it you will have a treatment protocol tailored to your specific problems.

Are you a sugar addict, and ready to get a life you love? Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! will show you how!

“Sugar addiction in all its many guises robs people of their health and energy. Here is the solution!”
— Christiane Northrup, M.D., OB/GYN physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

Beat Sugar Addiction Now! is a well thought out formula for understanding and overcoming sugar addiction. It is packed with information that will give you a successful formula for reclaiming your health.”
— Hal Blatman, M.D., president, American Holistic Medical Association


An Overview of Sugar Addiction


CHAPTER 1: Type 1 Sugar Addiction
Sugar, the Energy Loan Shark: Chronically exhausted and hooked on quick hits of caffeine and sugar


CHAPTER 2: Type 2 Sugar Addiction
"Feed Me Now or I'll Kill You:" When life's stress has exhausted your adrenal glands


CHAPTER 3: Type 3 Sugar Addiction
The Happy Ho-Ho Hunter: Sugar cravings caused by yeast/candida overgrowth


CHAPTER 4: Type 4 Sugar Addiction
Depressed and Craving Carbs: Sugar cravings caused by your period, menopause, or andropause



CHAPTER 5: Healing Practices for All Sugar Addicts

CHAPTER 6: Treatment for Type 1 Sugar Addicts
Use the S.H.I.N.E. protocol to repair your body

CHAPTER 7: Treatment for Type 2 Sugar Addicts
Support and balance your adrenal glands

CHAPTER 8: Treatment for Type 3 Sugar Addicts
Kill sugar-craving candida

CHAPTER 9: Treatment for Type 4 Sugar Addicts
Rebalance hormonal fluctuations


CHAPTER 10: Anxiety
Replenish sugar-induced B-vitamin deficiencies that intensify your body's stress response

CHAPTER 11: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
Use the S.H.I.N.E. protocol to increase energy and eliminate pain

CHAPTER 12: Depression
Mood-enhancing supplements that get you off the sugar-high to sugar-low roller coaster

CHAPTER 13: Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Beat sugar over consumption to heal insulin resistance

CHAPTER 14: Heart Disease
Improve your heart's function with healthy ribose sugar

CHAPTER 15: Hypothyroidism
Optimize thyroid function with natural hormone glandular supplements

CHAPTER 16: Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Spastic Colon
A comprehensive program to beat sugar-induced yeast overgrowth

CHAPTER 17: Migraines and Tension Headaches
Natural Remedies that stop headache-inducing blood sugar drops

CHAPTER 18: Obesity
Supplements that heal a sugar-ravaged metabolic system

CHAPTER 19: Sinusitis
Stop yeast overgrowth and breathe easier

Appendix A: Treatment plans simplified
Appendix B: Glycemic index information
Appendix C: Finding a practitioner
Appendix D: Resources
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