Auto Ship for Convenience and 20% Additional Discount!

If you plan to take your supplements in an ongoing basis, you should consider using our "Auto-Ship" program. The Auto-Ship program will automatically resupply your order to your home each month just before your current supply runs out. You get the convenience of always having just what you need when you need it AND we give you an additional 20% discount on your Auto-Ship items every time we ship to you. Just select the Auto-Ship option and proceed to checkout. You'll see the additional 20% discount applied to your cart before you make your payment.

Each time we Auto Ship your items, we automatically debit the credit card you have on file with us. There's no long-term obligation and you can discontinue the program at any time you choose. Please note that you must give at least 24-hours notice before a scheduled shipment in order for us to cancel that auto-ship order.

NOTE: If you purchase a featured "on sale" item using Auto-Ship, you will receive the 20% additional discount based on that sales price. However, the next monthly Auto-Ship (and thereafter) will be based on the normal store price with a 20% discount on that normal price.

Auto Ship Can Only Be Used With Your Default Shipping Address

Though you can keep multiple addresses in the "Shipping Information" page for your account, you cannot set up Auto-Ship orders to ship anywhere but to your own default shipping address — this is the one that is listed first on the "Shipping Information" page for your account (it's also the first in the list of possible shipping addresses you can choose from when you go through checkout). If you want to place an Auto-Ship order to an address other than your own default address, you must create a completely separate account at our site (using an alternate email address) where you can create the other default shipping address.

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