Angelica is an herb widely cultivated in northern Europe who's root, seed, and fruit extract are used by some for medicinal purposes. It is used to increase urine production, improve sex drive, kill germs, and to provide relief from skin disorders when applied directly to the skin.

Angelica is an excellent way to help maintain urine continence. It works for both men and women as it relaxes smooth muscle contractions in the bladder to reduce urgency and increase bladder volume, with no adverse effects on libido or testosterone levels.

In one study where participants supplemented with angelica, men with nocturia (an urgent need to urinate at night) who had been making 3 or more bathroom trips per night reduced this frequency by about half. In addition, the oldest participants increased their duration of first sleep (time before their first awakening to use the bathroom) by 101 minutes — almost triple the amount of time asleep until their need to void.

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