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NewMax Health | Suffering Unexplained Pain? You Could Have This Common Condition

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Experience Life | Pick Yourself Up | Addiction au sucre : comment le sucré s'est imposé dans nos assiettes et met en péril notre santé
Article also appeared in Zurbains

Shape | How to Fake Awake

Wholefoods Magazine | NPA Midwest Makes a Splash with MAHO 2014

Men's Journal | 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

Digital Journal | VoiceAmerica Radio Launches 'The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today' New Show Features Hosts Neil Nathan, MD and Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Article also appeared in Natural Solutions Magazine, Townhall Finance, Securities Technology Monitor, Myrtle Beach Online, ReleaseWire, Financial Content, Health News Digest

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Article also appeared in Howell Times, Jackson Times, News-Sun and Tulsa World

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Article also appeared in Latino Times | Physician urges moderate use of sugar and artificial sweeteners for weight loss

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Alternative & Complementary Therapies | Piecing Together the Puzzle of Fibromyalgia

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Entrepreneur | The Surprising Health Benefits of Stress
Article reprinted in Yahoo Finance US, Yahoo Finance (Canada),, and

Organic Spa Magazine | A Daily Dose of Pretty

Entrepreneur | Owning Your Mistakes and 4 More Business Tips From the Week

Prevention | The Pill That's Hurting Your Eyes | Ups and Downs of Living With Pain | Kicking the Sweets Habit

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